Fisheries and Resources Monitoring System

Fishery: A Fishery is an activity leading to the harvesting of fish, within the boundaries of a defined area. The fishery concept fundamentally gathers indication of human fishing activity, including from economic, management, biological/environmental and technological viewpoints.

Different thematic approaches are envisaged, according to the disciplinary viewpoint prevailing in the identification of fishery units when a fisheries inventory is compiled:

Fishery Resource
Production System
Fishery Management Unit
Fishing Activity
Access Rights

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  DG MARE FAO-RECOFI FAO-RECOFI FAO-CECAFNAFONEAFCSEAFOFAO-RECOFIFAO-CECAFCCAMLRNEAFCIATTCNAFOSEAFDECttttFAOFishing Activity approachFishery Resource approachFishery Management Unit approachJurisdictional approachProduction System approachBNPNASCOFAO-WECAFC

(*) Fishery fact sheets report Status and Trends of inventoried fisheries; they highlight topics relevant to the selected thematic approach.

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Fishery Management Unit approach
Southern Ocean Toothfish fishery - Southeast Atlantic (Subarea 48.6) 
Southern Ocean Toothfish fishery - High Latitude, Eastern Indian Ocean (Division 58.4.1)  
Southern Ocean Toothfish fishery - High Latitude, Western Indian Ocean (Division 58.4.2)  
Southern Ocean Toothfish fishery - Elan Bank (Division 58.4.3a)  
Southern Ocean Toothfish fishery - BANZARE Bank (Division 58.4.3b)  
Southern Ocean Toothfish fishery - Eastern Ross Sea (Subarea 88.1)  
Southern Ocean Toothfish fishery - Western Ross Sea (Subarea 88.2)  


Fishery Resource approach
World Global Tuna Fisheries


Fishery Management Unit approach
EPO - Tunas and billfishes fishery


Jurisdictional approach
Northwest Atlantic NAFO fisheries

Fishery Management Unit approach
Northwest Atlantic NAFO Flemish Cap groundfish fisheries
Northwest Atlantic NAFO Grand Bank groundfish fisheries
Northwest Atlantic NAFO high seas pelagic fisheries
Northwest Atlantic NAFO high seas shrimp fisheries


Jurisdictional approach
Northeast Atlantic - NEAFC high seas fisheries

Fishery Management Unit approach
Northeast Atlantic Blue whiting fisheries
Northeast Atlantic Deep-sea species fisheries
Northeast Atlantic Mackerel fisheries
Northeast Atlantic Norwegian spring spawning herring fisheries
Northeast Atlantic Pelagic redfish fisheries in the Irminger Sea and adjacent waters
Northeast Atlantic Pelagic redfish fisheries in the Norwegian sea
Northeast Atlantic Rockall haddock fisheries


Fishery Resource approach
Viet Nam - Shark fisheries, 2004
Thailand - Shark fisheries, 2004
Myanmar - Shark fisheries, 2004
Malaysia - Shark fisheries, 2004
Indonesia - Shark fisheries, 2004
Cambodia - Shark fisheries, 2004


Jurisdictional approach
South East Atlantic SEAFO High seas fisheries


Production System approach
Cambodia Fisheries sector, 2008
    Cambodia Inland fisheries sub-sector, 2008
    Cambodia Marine fisheries sub-sector, 2008

Brazil Fisheries sector, 2008
    Brazil Small/medium-scale fisheries sub-sector, 2008
    Brazil Large-scale fisheries sub-sector, 2008

Senegal Fisheries sector, 2008
    Senegal Artisanal fisheries sub-sector, 2008
    Senegal Marine industrial fisheries sub-sector, 2008

Ghana Fisheries sector, 2008
    Ghana Inland fisheries sub-sector, 2008
    Ghana Marine fisheries sub-sector, 2008


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