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European squid - Cap Blanc stock (21°N - 16°N), 2012FAO, 2012
Exploit State: Not fully exploitedExploit Rate: Fcur/F0.1 = 37% ; Fcur/FMSY = 34%
Abundance Level: Bcur/B0.1 = 146% ; Bcur/BMSY = 160% 
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Squid - Scotian Shelf, Grand Bank, 2012NAFO, 2012
Exploit Rate: None-Low Fishing Mortality
Abundance Level: Small Stock Size 
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Cuttlefish - Sierra Leone and Liberia, 2004FAO, 2004
Exploit State: Overexploited 
European squid - Senegal and Gambia, 2012FAO, 2012
Exploit State: Uncertain/Not assessed 
Other cephalopods - Northern Areas of the Eastern Central Atlantic , 2004FAO, 2004
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Jumbo flying squid - Southeast Pacific, 2016SPRFMO, 2016
Exploit State: Maximally sustainably fished 
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Cuttlefish - Ghana and Benin, 2004FAO, 2004
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European squid - Morocco, Mauritania, Senegal and Gambia, 2006FAO, 2006
Exploit State: Overexploited 
Squid - South East Atlantic, 2009SEAFO, 2009
Exploit State: UncertainExploit Rate: Uncertain/Not assessed
Abundance Level: Uncertain/Not assessed 
European squid - Dakhla stock (26°N - 21°N), 2012FAO, 2012
Exploit State: Uncertain/Not assessed 
Cuttlefish and Squids - Tanzania, 2016FAO, 2016
Exploit Rate: Unknown
Abundance Level: Not Overexploited 

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