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Black cardinal fish - Southern Indian Ocean
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Stock status report 2022
Black cardinal fish - Southern Indian Ocean
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Owned bySouth Indian Ocean Fisheries Agreement (SIOFA) – More
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FAO Names: en - Black cardinal fish, fr - Poisson cardinal, es - Boca negra(=Pez del diablo), ru - Эпигонус-телескоп
Geographic extent of Black cardinal fish - Southern Indian Ocean
Main Descriptors
Considered a single stock: No        Spatial Scale: Regional
Management unit: No        Reference year: 2020
Habitat and Biology
Climatic zone: Temperate.   Depth zone: Slope (200 m - 1000 m).   Horizontal distribution: Oceanic.   Vertical distribution: Demersal.  

Geographical Distribution
Jurisdictional distribution: High Seas Purely

Water Area Overview
Spatial Scale: Regional

Geo References
Resource Structure
Considered a single stock: No


Not assessed
Management unit: No
Source of information
SIOFA Secretariat (2022). Overview of SIOFA Fisheries 2022. Southern Indian Ocean Fisheries Agreement (SIOFA), 50 pp.  Click to open
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