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Deepwater demersal resources - Southwest Pacific
Marine Resource  Fact Sheet
Stock status report 2019
Deepwater demersal resources - Southwest Pacific
Fact Sheet Citation  
Deepwater species
Owned bySouth Pacific Regional Fisheries Management Organisation (SPRFMO) – More
Monitoring periodThis marine resource is reported in FIRMS from 1989.
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Geographic extent of Deepwater demersal resources - Southwest Pacific
Main Descriptors
Considered a single stock: No        Spatial Scale: Regional
Management unit: Yes        Reference year: 2017
Biological State and Trend
State & Trend Descriptors
Exploitation rateNot applicable
Abundance levelNot applicable
Habitat and Biology
Climatic zone: Temperate.   Horizontal distribution: Oceanic.   Vertical distribution: Demersal.  

Geographical Distribution
Jurisdictional distribution: High Seas Purely

Water Area Overview
Spatial Scale: Regional

Geo References
Resource Structure
Considered a single stock: No

Various deepwater species either targeted or caught by bottom fisheries in the Southwest pacific.
Management unit: Yes

Managed under CMM03-2019 (Bottom Fishing) and CMM03a-2019 (Deepwater species)
Source of information
SPRFMO. 2019. COMM7–Inf01_rev3, Catch data submitted to the SPRFMO Secretariat. Seventh meeting of the Commission, The Hague, The Netherlands, 23-27 January 2019. Click to open
SPRFMO. 2018. Report of the sixth meeting of the Scientific Committee, Puerto Varas, Chile, 9-14 September 2018. Click to open
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