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Spiny lobster - Antigua
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Status of stocks and resources 2004
Spiny lobster - Antigua
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Spiny lobster of Antigua EEZ
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Species List:
Species Ref: en - Caribbean spiny lobster, fr - Langouste blanche, es - Langosta común del Caribe
ident Block Spiny lobster - Antigua
Aq Res
Biological Stock: No         Value: National
Reference year: 2003
Aq Res State Trend
Aq Res State Trend
Aq Res State Trend
Aq Res State TrendModerate fishing mortality
High fishing mortality
Aq Res State TrendLow abundance
Aq Res State Trend
Aq Res State TrendOverexploited

Maximum catches 1999.
Habitat Bio
Climatic Zone: Tropical.   Bottom Type: Seegrass; Coral reefs.   Depth Zone: Coastal - Shallow waters; inshore waters (0 m - 50 m).   Horizontal Dist: Littoral.   Vertical Dist: Demersal invertebrates.  

Geo Dist
Geo Dist: Unspecified

Water Area Overview
Spatial Scale: National

Water Area Overview
Aq Res Struct
Biological Stock: No
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