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Antarctic toothfish - BANZARE Bank
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Resource report 2015
Antarctic toothfish - BANZARE Bank
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Dissostichus mawsoni - Division 58.4.3b
Owned byCommission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR) – ownership
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Species List:
Species Ref: en - Antarctic toothfish, fr - Légine antarctique, es - Austromerluza antártica, ru - Клыкач антарктический

Fishery Indicators
Production: Catch
ident Block Antarctic toothfish - BANZARE Bank
Aq Res
Biological Stock: Yes         Value: Regional
Management unit: Yes        Reference year: 2015
Aq Res State Trend

For information on current biological state and trend, please refer to the latest CCAMLR Fishery Report indicated in the bibliography.
Habitat Bio
Climatic Zone: Polar.   Depth Zone: Abyssal ( >1000m).   Horizontal Dist: Oceanic.   Vertical Dist: Demersal.  

Geo Dist
Geo Dist: High Seas Purely

Water Area Overview
Spatial Scale: Regional

Water Area Overview
Aq Res Struct
Biological Stock: Yes
Southern Ocean Toothfish fishery - BANZARE Bank (Division 58.4.3b)
Fishery Indicators
TypeMeasureValueUnitTime period
ProductionCatch -tonnes2015
Catch -tonnes2014
Catch -tonnes2013
Catch 4tonnes2012
Catch 8tonnes2011
Catch 12tonnes2010
Catch 89tonnes2009
Catch 101tonnes2008
Catch 176tonnes2007
Catch 317tonnes2006
Catch 297tonnes2005
Catch 6tonnes2004
Bio Assess

Annual assessment and review
Assess Models
Type:  Others
Development of integrated assessment

Ecosystem-based, precautionary approach
Management unit: Yes
Fishery Report 2015: Exploratory fishery for Dissostichus spp. in Division 58.4.3b  Click to open
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