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Venus clams - Mauritania, South of Cape Blanc
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CECAF Scientific advice 2000
Venus clams - Mauritania, South of Cape Blanc
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Praire (Circomphalus rosalina) en Mauritanie sud Cap Blanc 20°46''-15°50''
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Species List:
Species Ref: en - African venus, fr - Praire africaine
ident Block Venus clams - Mauritania, South of Cape Blanc
Aq Res
Biological Stock: Yes         Value: National
Reference year: 1999
Aq Res State Trend

Habitat Bio
Bottom Type: Unspecified.   Depth Zone: Unspecified.   Horizontal Dist: Unspecified.   Vertical Dist: Demersal/Benthic.  

Geo Dist
Geo Dist: Unspecified

Water Area Overview
Spatial Scale: National

Water Area Overview
Aq Res Struct
Biological Stock: Yes
“Rapport du Troisieme Groupe de travail CNROP Nouadhibou, Mauritanie, 20-26 novembre 1993.” FAO 1995 CECAF/ECAF SERIES 95/60 FAO.
“Rapport du 5e Groupe de travail IMROP: Evaluation des stocks et aménagement des pˆcheries de la ZEE mauritanienne.” 1899-12-30.
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