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Senegal hake, Benguela hake - Morocco
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CECAF Scientific advice 2005
Senegal hake, Benguela hake - Morocco
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Merlu noir (Merluccius senegalensis) au Maroc 29°N-21°N
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Species List:
ident Block Senegal hake, Benguela hake - Morocco
Aq Res
Biological Stock: No         Value: Regional
Reference year: 2004
Aq Res State Trend

Fishery ended in 1999.
Habitat Bio
Bottom Type: Unspecified.   Depth Zone: Shelf (50 m - 200 m); Slope (200 m - 1000 m).   Horizontal Dist: Neritic; Oceanic.   Vertical Dist: Demersal/Benthic.  

Geo Dist
Geo Dist: Shared between nations

Water Area Overview
Spatial Scale: Regional

Water Area Overview
Aq Res Struct
Biological Stock: No
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“Report of the FOURTH SESSION OF CECAF SCIENTIFIC SUB-COMMITTEE ACCRA, GHANA, 24-26 OCTOBER 2005” FAO 2006 FAO fisheries technical paper 457 FAO.
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