Fisheries and Resources Monitoring System

In accordance with the FIRMS Partnership Arrangement:
  • FAO
will cover the costs of FIRMS development, FIRMS Steering Committee administration and the provision of the Partner entitlements under the Arrangement through regular and trust fund arrangements, to the extent that these funds allow and in accordance with its financial rules and regulations.
  • FIRMS Partners
will cover the costs of information contributions to FIRMS, attendance at FSC meetings and additional FIRMS services, which might include information system functionality or customisation for the specific use of the Partner, to the extent that funds have been allocated thereto.

FIRMS acknowledges additional funding support received from France, and from Japan and Norway through the Fishcode-STF project.

With the financial support of:

Sponsor Project title
Ministere des Affaires EtrangeresAssociate Professional Officers Programme  
The Government of JapanStrategy for Improving Status and Trends of Capture Fisheries (Fishcode-STF)  
The Government of NorwayStrategy for Improving Status and Trends of Capture Fisheries (Fishcode-STF)  
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