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Bahrain Barrier trap fishery - Bahraini gulf waters (0 - 5 m)
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RECOFI Fisheries Reports 2012
Bahrain Barrier trap fishery - Bahraini gulf waters (0 - 5 m)
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Location of Bahrain Barrier trap fishery - Bahraini gulf waters (0 - 5 m)

Geographic reference:  Bahrain
Spatial Scale: National
Reference year: 2012
Approach: Fishing Activity

Fishing Activity
Fishing Gear: Barriers, fences, weirs, etc.
Type of production system: Artisanal
Fishery Area: Bahraini gulf waters (0 - 5 m); Gulf subarea; Bahrain

Seasonality: All Year

Harvested Resource
Target Species: Siganidae; Porgies, seabreams nei; Haemulidae …  

Means of Production
Vessel Type: Fishing vessels not specified
Fishery Indicators
Fleet size: Number of fishing unit
Production: Landed Volume; Marketing value…
Employment: Number of fishermen

Fishing Activity
Type of production system: Artisanal   

Vessel Type
Build barriers trap near to the coast to catch fish depend on High and low tide

Fishing vessels not specified
Flag State
Catch Handling and Processing Equipment
5 to 7 fishermen / foreigners (2009)
Fishery Area
Climatic zone: Tropical.   Bottom type: Soft bottom with gravel; Hard bottom.   Depth zone: Coastal - Close shore, littoral (0 m - 20 m).   Vertical distribution: Demersal/Benthic.  

Coastal, depth 0-5 m with limestone, sand and rocks bottom

Geo References for: Bahraini gulf waters (0 - 5 m)
Associated Species (Bycatch)
Miscellanea of fish species
Fishing Gear
Barriers, fences, weirs, etc.
Barries and fences
Fleet segment
Associated Species (Bycatch)
Miscellanea of fish species
All Year
Near to Coast 
Trip Duration
One day
Fisherfolks Community
Total Bahraini fishermen and their family (2009): 3916
List of fishery Indicators
Fishery Indicators
TypeMeasureValueUnitTime period
Fleet sizeNumber of fishing unit 356fishing units2009
ProductionLanded Volume 505metric tonnes2009
Marketing value [1 BD = US $ 2.66]0.383 Million BD 2009
EmploymentNumber of fishermen 2136+356 [Crew of foreigners + Bahraini Owners] 2009
Post Harvest
Manama Central Market
Management unit: No

Jurisdictional framework
Management Body/Authority(ies): Public Commission for The Protection of Marine Resources, Environment and Wild Life. General Directorate for the Protection of Marine
Mandate: Management.  
Area under national jurisdiction: Bahrain
Maritime Area: Exclusive Economic Zone Areas (EEZ).  
Management Regime
Management Methods

Conservation and management measure with focus on Effort control - Binding

  • Vessel-related measures
Annual Fishery Statistics Report No 95. Fishery Resources in kingdom of Bahrain 2009. Public Commission for the Protection of Marine Resources and Wild Life. General Directorate for the Protection of Marine Resources. Directorate of Marine Resources. Fisheries Assessment Section. Kingdom of Bahrain, A. Al Radhi, N. Alsaffar, N. Hermis, A. Abdulla, S. Ahmed, Photographer H. Bader. P 82.
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