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Angola Industrial fisheries - Angolan waters
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CECAF Fisheries Reports 2011
Angola Industrial fisheries - Angolan waters
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Pesca industrial
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Location of Angola Industrial fisheries - Angolan waters

Geographic reference:  Angola
Spatial Scale: National
Reference year: 2011
Approach: Production System

Means of Production
Type of production system: Industrial; Semi-industrial

Vessel Type:   Seiners nei  

Fishing Activity
Fishery Area: Angolan waters; Angola; Cape Palmeirinhas; Cape Salinas; Cunene

Means of Production
Type of production system: Industrial; Semi-industrial   

Fishery Area
Climatic zone: Tropical.   Bottom type: Unspecified.   Depth zone: Coastal - Shallow waters, inshore (0 m - 50 m); Shelf - Uppershelf (up to 100 m); Shelf - Deepshelf (100 m - 200 m); Slope - Upperslope (200 m - 500 m); Slope - Deepslope (500 m - 1000 m).   Horizontal distribution: Neritic; Oceanic.   Vertical distribution: Demersal/Benthic; Pelagic.  

Geo References for: Angolan waters
Resources Exploited
Croakers - Cameroon, Gabon, Congo and Angola
Grouper - Gabon, Congo and Angola
Yellowfin tuna - Atlantic
Bigeye tuna - Atlantic
Albacore - South Atlantic
Swordfish - South Atlantic
 Angolan dentex - Angola, Barracudas - Angola, Benguela hake - Angola, Bogue - Angola, Broadtail shortfin squid - Angola, Canary drum - Angola, Cape horse mackerel - Angola, Caramote prawn - Angola, Cassava croaker - Angola, Crevalle jack - Angola, Cunene horse mackerel - Angola, Cuttlefish and bobtailfish - Angola, Deepwater rose shrimp - Angola, Dentex - Angola, European anchovy - Angola, Flat Sardinella - Angola, Frigate and bullet tunas - Angola, Geelbek croaker - Angola, Large-eye dentex - Angola, Longneck croaker - Angola, Meagre - Angola, Northern pink shrimp - Angola, Red flying squid - Angola, Red pandora - Angola, Royal spiny lobster - Angola, Sardine - Angola, Soles - Angola, Striped red shrimp - Angola, White grouper - Angola, White hake - Angola, Yellowbelly rock cod - Angola, Round sardinella - Angola
Target Species
Associated Species (Bycatch)
Vessel Type
Seiners nei
Stern trawlers
Otter trawlers
Beam trawlers
Trawlers nei
Midwater longliners
Pole and Line vessels
Flag State
Korea, Republic of
Taiwan Province of China
Fleet segment
Industrial, Semi-industrial: Purpose built commercial vessels > 20 m, Commercial vessels >14 m, wet fish rarely with ice, Commercial vessels up to 20 m with ice.
Cabinda, Luanda, Porto-Amboim, Mocamedes, Lobito, Alexandre, Baia-Farta and beaches and estuaries around entire coast.
Management unit: No

Legal definition
Provincial (Cabinda, Zaire, Bengo, Luanda, K.Sul, Benguela, Namibe)
Jurisdictional framework
Management Body/Authority(ies): Ministry of Fisheries (Angola): National Fisheries Directorate (DNP) and National Surveillance Directorate (DNF), Artisanal Fisheries Development Institute (IPA), Marine Research Institute (IIM), National Institute for the Support of Fisheries Industries (INAIP) and Fund for the Support of the Development of Fisheries Industries and Fisheries Schools (FAdepa)
Mandate: National Fisheries management; Research; Surveillence; Administration and Funding support.  
Area under national jurisdiction: Angola
Maritime Area: Exclusive Economic Zone Areas (EEZ).  
Management Regime
Management Methods

Management and conservation methods with focus on Effort control, Catch control

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