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Dataset Overview  

Collection Coverage  
The IATTC has mandated responsibility for all tuna and tuna-like species taken in the Eastern pacific Ocean (EPO), as well as for species taken in fisheries which capture these species.
In case of species for which assessment is required for areas extending beyond the EPO, IATTC has shared reporting responsability with the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC).
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Data Source  
Quality Assurance  
The information to be contributed conform to the policy guidelines for confidentiality and information release of the IATTC and, whenever possible, to the Information Management Policy established by the FIRMS Steering Committee.

Sources and Traceability
In the fact sheets provided by IATTC to FIRMS, sources of information are documented, and links to electronic versions of source material are provided when available. A link to the IATTC website is provided. Backups of information that are contributed are maintained on the IATTC website for a period of 10 years, or until a backup policy is established and implemented by the FIRMS Steering Committee.

Bibliographic sources for the reports of the IATTC are contained in the individual stock assessment reports and in the research and scientific reports of the Commission. They may also be directly located when visiting IATTC website.

Transparency and Peer-Review
Details of IATTC data collection and compilation are provided in its various reports and scientific bulletins. Further information and links to detailed information may be found at Link to resource.

Collection Method:  In partial summary, the sources of data used in assessments and research of the IATTC include:
  • Logbook, unloading, and biological data collected directly from the fishery at landing ports throughout the eastern Pacific Ocean by IATTC staff;
  • Data collected by scientific observers onboard large purse seine vessels operating in the eastern Pacific Ocean;
  • Summary catch and effort and biological data, including detailed information on gear configuration, from longline fisheries of distant water fishing nations (e.g. China, Chinese Taipei, Japan, and Korea);
  • Data collected in ad hoc studies designed to meet the objectives of the Commission;
  • Data which are used in assessments and analyses of status and trends are reviewed as part of the annual, scientific peer review of IATTC stock assessments held prior to development of final stock assessment reports and summaries for IATTC Annual Meetings.
Processing Method

Validation Mechanism: Transparency of the information and results on status and trends of stocks and resources presented by the IATTC are documented in the course of the scientific peer-review process followed to obtain the results, and the various public meetings of the IATTC at which the results, and various options for management and resource conservation, are presented and discussed. Details on these meetings and processes are available at Link to resource.

Consistency and accuracy
The contributions from the IATTC are managed using standards that do not alter the integrity of the information summaries provided.

Information Security
All contributions from the IATTC are in the public domain.
Methods used in authentication and verification of information for FIGIS-FIRMS identify both IATTC editors and an IATTC approver. These actors in sequence ensure that FIRMS fact sheets under IATTC ownership are updated and linked to the latest version of IATTC documents and information as they are released. In cases of joint ownership, all entities shall have editor and approver privileges for fact sheets.

Transmission schedule is planned to be within the few days following publication by the IATTC of its reports on the IATTC website.
Inquiries can be addressed to the Database Manager of the Secretariat to Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission (IATTC).
Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission (IATTC)
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This is an extract of the IATTC fisheries advice presenting the fish stock information. The full IATTC advice is available on and accounts for fisheries constraints in addition to the stock considerations.
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