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Cod - West Greenland, offshore
Marine Resource  Fact Sheet
ICES Advice 2017
Cod - West Greenland, offshore
Fact Sheet Citation  
Cod (Gadus morhua) in NAFO Divisions 1.A–E, offshore (West Greenland)
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FAO Names: en - Atlantic cod, fr - Morue de l'Atlantique, es - Bacalao del Atlántico, zh - 大西洋鳕, ru - Треска атлантическая

Fishery Indicators
Production: Catch
Geographic extent of Cod - West Greenland, offshore
Main Descriptors
Considered a single stock: Yes        Spatial Scale: Sub-Regional
Reference year: 2016
Biological State and Trend
State & Trend Descriptors
Exploitation rateFMSY: UndefinedUncertain/Not assessedGray
Abundance levelMSY Btrigger: UndefinedUncertain/Not assessed

Habitat and Biology
Depth zone: Shelf (50 m - 200 m).   Vertical distribution: Demersal/Benthic.  

Water Area Overview
Spatial Scale: Sub-Regional

Geo References
Resource Structure
Considered a single stock: Yes

Fishery Indicators
TypeMeasureValueUnitTime period
ProductionCatch 117126tonnes1952
Catch 180220tonnes1953
Catch 266682tonnes1954
Catch 241499tonnes1955
Catch 296315tonnes1956
Catch 225836tonnes1957
Catch 258062tonnes1958
Catch 191343tonnes1959
Catch 200522tonnes1960
Catch 293104tonnes1961
Catch 400719tonnes1962
Catch 381917tonnes1963
Catch 307878tonnes1964
Catch 321829tonnes1965
Catch 313044tonnes1966
Catch 385949tonnes1967
Catch 350870tonnes1968
Catch 179055tonnes1969
Catch 78775tonnes1970
Catch 80501tonnes1971
Catch 90410tonnes1972
Catch 50347tonnes1973
Catch 37999tonnes1974
Catch 38188tonnes1975
Catch 25215tonnes1976
Catch 53546tonnes1977
Catch 51760tonnes1978
Catch 60635tonnes1979
Catch 14705tonnes1980
Catch 13498tonnes1981
Catch 29621tonnes1982
Catch 23703tonnes1983
Catch 10374tonnes1984
Catch 3360tonnes1985
Catch 982tonnes1986
Catch 3787tonnes1987
Catch 35931tonnes1988
Catch 59165tonnes1989
Catch 27151tonnes1990
Catch 104tonnes1991
Catch 0tonnes1992
Catch 0tonnes1993
Catch 0tonnes1994
Catch 0tonnes1995
Catch 0tonnes1996
Catch 0tonnes1997
Catch 0tonnes1998
Catch 0tonnes1999
Catch 0tonnes2000
Catch 0tonnes2001
Catch 0tonnes2002
Catch 0tonnes2003
Catch 8tonnes2004
Catch 1tonnes2005
Catch 0tonnes2006
Catch 466tonnes2007
Catch 549tonnes2008
Catch 6tonnes2009
Catch 2tonnes2010
Catch 8tonnes2011
Catch 332tonnes2012
Catch 479tonnes2013
Catch 116tonnes2014
Catch 4860tonnes2015
Catch 3740tonnes2016
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