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Antarctic krill - Southwest Atlantic
Marine Resource  Observation Sheet
Resource report 2015
Antarctic krill - Southwest Atlantic
Fact Sheet Citation  
Euphausia superba - Subareas 48.1, 48.2, 48.3 and 48.4
Owned byCommission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR) – More
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FAO Names: en - Antarctic krill, fr - Krill antarctique, es - Krill antártico, zh - 南极大磷虾, ru - Криль антарктический

Fishery Indicators
Production: Catch
Geographic extent of Antarctic krill - Southwest Atlantic
Main Descriptors
Considered a single stock: Yes        Spatial Scale: Regional
Management unit: Yes        Reference year: 2015
Biological State and Trend

For information on current biological state and trend, please refer to the latest CCAMLR Fishery Report indicated in the bibliography.
Habitat and Biology
Climatic zone: Polar.   Depth zone: Shelf (50 m - 200 m); Slope - Upperslope (200 m - 500 m).   Horizontal distribution: Oceanic.   Vertical distribution: Pelagic.  

Water Area Overview
Spatial Scale: Regional

Geo References
Resource Structure
Considered a single stock: Yes
Southern Ocean Krill fishery - Southwest Atlantic (Subareas 48.1, 48.2, 48.3 and 48.4)
Fishery Indicators
TypeMeasureValueUnitTime period
ProductionCatch 225646tonnes2015
Catch 293814tonnes2014
Catch 217357tonnes2013
Catch 161085tonnes2012
Catch 181011tonnes2011
Catch 211974tonnes2010
Catch 125826tonnes2009
Catch 156521tonnes2008
Catch 104586tonnes2007
Catch 106549tonnes2006
Catch 129026tonnes2005
Catch 118166tonnes2004
Catch 117728tonnes2003
Catch 125987tonnes2002
Catch 104182tonnes2001
Catch 114425tonnes2000
Catch 101957tonnes1999
Catch 90024tonnes1998
Catch 75653tonnes1997
Catch 91150tonnes1996
Catch 134420tonnes1995
Catch 84645tonnes1994
Catch 60750tonnes1993
Catch 257663tonnes1992
Catch 331288tonnes1991
Catch 376099tonnes1990
Catch 352271tonnes1989
Catch 388849tonnes1988
Catch 400830tonnes1987
Catch 378739tonnes1986
Catch 259135tonnes1985
Catch 97399tonnes1984
Catch 143975tonnes1983
Catch 373656tonnes1982
Catch 289509tonnes1981
Catch 357047tonnes1980
Catch 263116tonnes1979
Catch 83358tonnes1978
Catch 75267tonnes1977
Catch 1552tonnes1976
Catch 41352tonnes1975
Catch 19139tonnes1974
Catch 19tonnes1973

Annual review of available information
Assessment Model
Type:  Others
Krill yield model

Ecosystem-based, precautionary approach, development of feedback management
Management unit: Yes
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