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Alfonsino - Northeast Atlantic
Marine Resource  Fact Sheet
ICES Advice 2009
Alfonsino - Northeast Atlantic
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Alfonsinos/Golden eye perch (Beryx spp.)
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FAO Names: en - Alfonsinos nei, fr - Béryx nca, es - Alfonsinos nep, ru - Бериксы
Geographic extent of Alfonsino - Northeast Atlantic
Main Descriptors
Considered a single stock: Yes        Spatial Scale: Sub-Regional
Management unit: Yes        Reference year: 2008
Biological State and Trend
State & Trend Descriptors
Exploitation rateUndefinedUncertain/Not assessed
Abundance levelUndefinedUncertain/Not assessed
Habitat and Biology
Depth zone: Slope (200 m - 1000 m).   Vertical distribution: Demersal/Benthic.  

Geographical Distribution
Jurisdictional distribution: Straddling between High Seas and EEZ

Water Area Overview
Spatial Scale: Sub-Regional

Geo References
Resource Structure
Considered a single stock: Yes
Overall Assessment Results

Figure Landings of alfonsinos in Areas VI+VII, VIII+IX, Xa, and Xb (small landings in IV, Vb, and XII not shown).

Figure Landings (tonnes) of alfonsinos in Azorean waters (Portuguese EEZ in Subarea X) split by species.

Scientific Advice

Single-stock exploitation boundaries

The only new information available for these species is landings information and it is not sufficient to change the advice from 2006. The advice for 2009 and 2010 is therefore the same as the advice given in 2006: “Due to their spatial distribution associated with seamounts, their life history and their aggregation behaviour, alfonsinos are easily overexploited by trawl fishing; they can only sustain low rates of exploitation. Fisheries on such species should not be allowed to expand above current levels unless it can be shown that such expansion is sustainable. To prevent wiping out entire subpopulations that have not yet been mapped and assessed the exploitation of new seamounts should not be allowed.
Management unit: Yes
Source of information
ICES. 2009. Report of the ICES Advisory Committee, 2009. ICES Advice, 2009.
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