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Sole - Eastern Channel
Marine Resource  Fact Sheet
ICES Advice 2012
Sole - Eastern Channel
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Sole in Division VIId (Eastern Channel)
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FAO Names: en - Common sole, fr - Sole commune, es - Lenguado común, zh - 欧洲鳎
Geographic extent of Sole - Eastern Channel
Main Descriptors
Considered a single stock: Yes        Spatial Scale: Sub-Regional
Reference year: 2012
Biological State and Trend
State & Trend Descriptors
Exploitation rateAbove triggerHigh fishing mortality
Abundance levelAbove targetIntermediate abundance
Habitat and Biology
Depth zone: Shelf (50 m - 200 m).   Vertical distribution: Demersal/Benthic.  

Sole is a nocturnal predator and therefore more susceptible to capture by fisheries at night than in daylight.
Geographical Distribution
Jurisdictional distribution: National

Water Area Overview
Spatial Scale: Sub-Regional

Ecoregion: North Sea
Geo References
Resource Structure
Considered a single stock: Yes

The fisheries

Sole is mainly caught in 80 mm beam-trawl fisheries with plaice or in mixed demersal fisheries using otter trawls and gill/trammel nets. There is also a directed fishery during parts of the year by inshore trawlers and netters on the English and French coasts
Catch distribution Total landings (2011) = 4133 t, (38% beam trawls, 44% trammel/gill nets, 16% otter trawls, and 2% other gears)

Effects of the fisheries on the ecosystem
Overall Assessment Results
Figure: Sole in Division VIId (Eastern Channel). Summary of stock assessment (weights in ‘000 tonnes). Top right: SSB and F for the time series used in the assessment. Predicted values are shaded
Assessment Model

Quality consideration

Under-reporting of catches and misreporting of sole into Division VIId from Division VIIe was thought to be significant but this is now less of an issue. However, the assessment has been corrected for this misreporting.

Figure Sole in Division VIId (Eastern Channel). Historical assessment results (final year recruitment estimates included).

Scientific basis

Assessment type Age-based analytical assessment (XSA).
Input data Three survey indices (UK(E&W)-BTS, UK(E&W)-YFS, FR-YFS).
  Two commercial indices (BE-CBT,UK(E&W)-CBT).
Discards and bycatch Not included in the assessment, considerered not to be substantial.
Indicators None.
Other information This stock was benchmarked in 2009.
Working group report WGNSSK

Source of information

The above excerpts are from the first two pages of the ICES advice, the supporting information to this advice can be read in full at the following reference:
ICES. Sole in Division VIId (Eastern Channel). Report of the ICES Advisory Committee, 2012. ICES Advice, WHNSSK 2012. Click to open
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