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Redfish - Barents and Norwegian Seas
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ICES Advice 2012
Redfish - Barents and Norwegian Seas
Fact Sheet Citation  
Golden Redfish (Sebastes marinus) in Subareas I and II
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FAO Names: en - Golden redfish, fr - Sébaste doré, es - Gallineta dorada, ru - Окунь золотистый
Geographic extent of Redfish - Barents and Norwegian Seas
Main Descriptors
Considered a single stock: Yes        Spatial Scale: Sub-Regional
Management unit: Yes        Reference year: 2012
Biological State and Trend
State & Trend Descriptors
Exploitation rateUnknownUncertain/Not assessed
Abundance levelUnknownUncertain/Not assessed

SSB has been decreasing since the 1990s and is currently at the lowest level in the time-series. Fishing mortality has been increasing since 2005 and is currently at the highest level in the time-series. Recruitment is very low.
Habitat and Biology
Depth zone: Shelf (50 m - 200 m).   Vertical distribution: Pelagic.  

Geographical Distribution
Jurisdictional distribution: Shared between nations

Water Area Overview
Spatial Scale: Sub-Regional

Ecoregion: Barents Sea and Norwegian Sea
Geo References
Resource Structure
Considered a single stock: Yes

The fisheries

Sebastes marinus is fished both in a directed gillnet and longline fishery and as bycatch in trawl fisheries targeting cod and saithe. All directed fishery except by handline is closed in the period 20 December-31 July and in September. Directed trawl fishery is not allowed. There are regulations on minimum size and on the percentage of allowed bycatch of S. marinus when fishing for other species.
Catch distribution Commercial landings (2011) are 5.8 kt, of which 37% are taken by trawl, 39% by gillnet, 22% by longline, and 2% by other gears.

Scientific Advice

ICES advises on basis of the precautionary approach that there should be no fishing on this stock.
Assessment Model

Scientific basis

Assessment type Gadget age–length-structured model.
Input data Catch numbers-at-age and at-length from the trawl, gillnet, and longline fisheries. Numbers-at-age and at-length from the winter survey in the Barents Sea
Discards and bycatch Not available.
Indicators -
Other information Last benchmark was in February 2012 (WKRED). Assessment methodology based on Gadget was adopted.
Working group report AFWG
Management unit: Yes
Source of information

The above excerpts are from the first two pages of the ICES advice, the supporting information to this advice can be read in full at the following reference:
ICES. Golden redfish (Sebastes marinus) in Subareas I and II. Report of the ICES Advisory Committee, 2012. ICES Advice, June 2012. Click to open
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