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Bahamas Nassau Grouper fishery
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Fishery Resources Report 2016
Bahamas Nassau Grouper fishery
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Nassau Grouper fishery
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ident Block The Nassau grouper is the most important commercial fin fish species in the Bahamas. The species, however, has been overfished throughout the region and is considered an endangered species throughout its range.

ident Block Bahamas Nassau Grouper fishery

ident Block  Bahamas
ident Block Value
Reference Year: 2015
ident Block: ident Block

ident Block
ident Block: Dive compres...
ident Block: Bahamas

ident Block
ident Block: Nassau grouper
ident Block: Snappers nei; Grunts nei

ident Block
ident Block: Fishing vessels not specified

Fishing Industry Activity
Fishery Area
Bottom Type: Coral reef.   Depth Zone: Coastal-Shallow waters inshore 50m.   Horizontal Dist: Neritic.  

Rocky bottoms and reefs

Water Area List
Vesseltype Overview
Fishing vessels not specified
Flag State List
Geartype Overview
Dive compressors, free diving and fish traps (pots).  
Bahamas nationals
Post Harvest
Local consumption
Management: Management

Management Entity: Department of Marine Resources
Geo Coverage: Bahamas
Maritime Area: EEZ.  
Management Regime
Management Methods

Fisheries Regulations

  • Fishing activity-related measures

    Closed season (1 December - 28 February)

Fishery Status Trend
Stable trend, fully to over exploited
Department of Marine Resources, Bahamas. Personal communication, January 2016.  Click to open
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