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Mediterranean and Black Sea Trawl red shrimps fishery - high seas
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Worldwide review of bottom fisheries in the high seas 2009
Mediterranean and Black Sea Trawl red shrimps fishery - high seas
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Trawl fisheries for red shrimps - high seas
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Overview: Although the Mediterranean coastal states have a long history of fishing, deep-sea fishing only began in the first decades of the last century, as a result of the development of new technology that made fisheries in deeper waters possible (Sardà et al., 2004). In the central Mediterranean, preceding the collapse of the A. foliacea and A. antennatus stocks in the late 1970s, exploitation of these species had progressively been decreasing. Fishing of A. antennatus resumed following signs of stock recovery in 1985 (Orsi Relini and Relini, 1988, in Sardà et al., 2004); however, A. foliacea was still extremely scarce and commercially insignificant in the late 1990s (Fiorentino et al., 1998, in Sardà et al., 2004). Suggested causes of the collapse included overfishing together with environmental decay, hydrology, failure of recruitment and parasitic attack on already stressed stocks (Orsi Relini and Relini, 1985; Relini and Orsi Relini, 1987, both in Sardà et al., 2004).

Location of Mediterranean and Black Sea Trawl red shrimps fishery - high seas

Geographic reference:  Mediterranean and Black Sea
Spatial Scale: Regional
Reference year: 2005
Approach: Fishing Activity

Fishing Activity
Fishing Gear: Bottom trawls  

Fishery Area: Balearic; Gulf of Lion; Sardinia; Adriatic;

Harvested Resource
Target Species: Blue and red shrimp; Giant red shrimp

Means of Production
Vessel Type: Trawlers
Fishery Indicators
Production: Catch

Fishing Activity
Fishery Area
Bottom type: Soft bottom muddy or muddy-sand.   Depth zone: Coastal (0 m - 50 m); Slope - Deepslope (500 m - 1000 m).   Vertical distribution: Demersal.  

Geo References
Vessel Type
Flag State
List of fishery Indicators
Fishery Indicators
TypeMeasureValueUnitTime period
ProductionCatch 3779tonnes2002
Catch 4472tonnes2003
Catch 3939tonnes2004
Catch 5549tonnes2005
Jurisdictional framework
Area of Competence: GFCM area of competence
Maritime Area: High seas.  
Source of Information
Bensch, A.; Gianni, M.; Gréboval, D.; Sanders, J.S.; Hjort, A. - Worldwide review of bottom fisheries in the high seas. FAO Fisheries and Aquaculture Technical Paper. No. 522, Rev.1. Rome, FAO. 2009. 145p.  Click to open
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