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Northeast Atlantic Azores deep-sea fishery - Mid-Atlantic Ridge (MAR)
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Worldwide review of bottom fisheries in the high seas 2009
Northeast Atlantic Azores deep-sea fishery - Mid-Atlantic Ridge (MAR)
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Azores deep-sea fisheries - Mid-Atlantic Ridge (MAR)
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Overview: The main deep-sea fishery in the Azores is the traditional multispecies fishery using longlines and handlines operating on seamounts. While most of this fishery takes place within the EEZ surrounding the Azores islands, the fishing grounds of the largest vessels extend, to some extent, into international waters, both in the north (NEAFC Regulatory Area) and in the south (Central Eastern Atlantic).

Location of Northeast Atlantic Azores deep-sea fishery - Mid-Atlantic Ridge (MAR)

Geographic reference:  Northeast Atlantic
Spatial Scale: Regional
Reference year: 2006
Approach: Fishing Activity

Fishing Activity
Fishing Gear: Hooks and lines  

Fishery Area: Azores Grounds …; Portugal

Harvested Resource
Target Species: Blackspot(=red) seabream; Alfonsino; Forkbeard …  

Means of Production
Vessel Type: Handliners  

Fishery Indicators
Production: Catch

Fishing Activity
Fishery Area

Geo References
Vessel Type
Flag State
List of fishery Indicators
Fishery Indicators
TypeMeasureValueUnitTime period
ProductionCatch 1451tonnes2005
Catch 957tonnes2006
Jurisdictional framework
Management Body/Authority(ies): North-East Atlantic Fisheries Commission (NEAFC)
Area of Competence: NEAFC Convention Area
Maritime Area: High seas.  
Management Body/Authority(ies): Ministry of Agriculture, of Rural Development and Fisheries
Area under national jurisdiction: Portugal
Maritime Area: Exclusive Economic Zone Areas (EEZ).  
Source of Information
Bensch, A.; Gianni, M.; Gréboval, D.; Sanders, J.S.; Hjort, A. - Worldwide review of bottom fisheries in the high seas. FAO Fisheries and Aquaculture Technical Paper. No. 522, Rev.1. Rome, FAO. 2009. 145p.  Click to open
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