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Qatar Artisanal skiffs multigears fishery - Gulf Qatari waters
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Qatar Artisanal skiffs multigears fishery - Gulf Qatari waters
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Speed Boats - Multigears
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Location of Qatar Artisanal skiffs multigears fishery - Gulf Qatari waters

Geographic reference:  Qatar
Spatial Scale: National
Reference year: 2012
Approach: Production System

Means of Production
Land Base: Qatar
Type of production system: Artisanal

Vessel Type:   Other fishing vessels
Fishing Activity
Fishery Area: Gulf Qatari waters; Qatar; Gulf subarea

Fishery Indicators
Participation: Number of vessels
Employment: Number of fishermen
Production: Landed Volume

Means of Production
Type of production system: Artisanal   

Land Area

Land Area References

Fishery Area
Climatic zone: Tropical.   Depth zone: Coastal (0 m - 50 m).   Vertical distribution: Demersal/Benthic; Pelagic.  

Geo References for: Gulf Qatari waters
Fleet segment
Vessel Type
Other fishing vessels
Sbeed boat: Multigears skiff Fiberglass boat, Outboard engine, size 6-12 m
Flag State
Catch Handling and Processing Equipment
3-5 person
Trip Duration
1 day
Alshamal, Alkhour, Doha & Alwakra
All year long
List of fishery Indicators
Fishery Indicators
TypeMeasureValueUnitTime period
ParticipationNumber of vessels 947vessels2012
EmploymentNumber of fishermen 3788Persons2012
ProductionLanded Volume 4625268metric tonnes2012
Jurisdictional framework
Management Body/Authority(ies): Fisheries Department and Living Marine Recourses Committee
Mandate: Management.  
Area under national jurisdiction: Qatar
Maritime Area: Exclusive Economic Zone Areas (EEZ).  
Management Regime
Management Methods

Conservation and management methods with focus on Output control

  • Aquatic species-related measures
    Size limits applied as minimum legal length for major commercial species
National Fisheries Information System (NFIS).
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