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Qatar Artisanal dhows other gears fishery - Gulf Qatari waters
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Qatar Artisanal dhows other gears fishery - Gulf Qatari waters
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Large Boats -other gears
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Location of Qatar Artisanal dhows other gears fishery - Gulf Qatari waters

Geographic reference:  Qatar
Spatial Scale: National
Reference year: 2012
Approach: Production System

Means of Production
Land Base: Qatar
Type of production system: Artisanal

Vessel Type:   Other fishing vessels
Fishing Activity
Fishery Area: Gulf Bahraini waters; Qatar; Gulf subarea

Fishery Indicators
Participation: Number of vessels
Employment: Number of fishermen
Production: Landed Volume

Means of Production
Type of production system: Artisanal   

Land Area

Land Area References

Fishery Area
Climatic zone: Tropical.   Depth zone: Coastal (0 m - 50 m).   Vertical distribution: Demersal/Benthic.  

Geo References for: Gulf Bahraini waters
Fleet segment
Vessel Type
Other fishing vessels
Dhows: Gill net & handlines Dhow Fiberglass boat, Inboard engine, size 12-18 m
Flag State
Catch Handling and Processing Equipment
3-8 person
Alkhour and Alwakra
All year long
Captured Species
List of fishery Indicators
Fishery Indicators
TypeMeasureValueUnitTime period
ParticipationNumber of vessels 44vessels2012
EmploymentNumber of fishermen 242Persons2012
ProductionLanded Volume 197544metric tonnes2012
Jurisdictional framework
Management Body/Authority(ies): Fisheries Department and Living Marine Recourses Committee
Mandate: Management.  
Area under national jurisdiction: Qatar
Maritime Area: Exclusive Economic Zone Areas (EEZ).  
Management Regime
Management Methods

Conservation and management methods with focus on Input & Output control

  • Aquatic species-related measures
    Size limits applied as minimum legal length for major commercial species
  • Fishing activity-related measures
    Input control by limiting the landings(3 landings/vessel/month)during April-June every year
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